Age and Experience Matter in Workplace Accidents

You have heard the term, you cant beat experience, but with experience comes age. Nowadays, employers must navigate the busyness of everyday and a multigenerational workforce. It’s important to stay aware of the risks that come with changing worker demographics. This will help them to keep employees safe and businesses running.

Workplace Accidents Training

Employees in their first year on a job, regardless of their age or industry experience, represented more than one-third (34%) of all claims. They also accounted for nearly thousands of missed workdays due to injury.

Though they were injured less often than most other age groups, employees ages 60 and older had higher average costs per claim. This totaled nearly 15% more than employees between the ages of 35 and 49. It was also approximately 140% more than those ages 18 to 24.

Other highlights from the report into Workplace Accidents include:

  • The most common injuries – At 38%, strains and sprains accounted for the most injuries. This is followed by fractures (13%); contusions (8%); inflammation (7%); and dislocations (7%).
  • The most common causes of injury – Overexertion caused the most claims (29%). This is followed by slips, trips and falls (23%). Being struck by an object (13%); workplace transport accidents (5%); and caught-in or caught-between hazards (5%).
  • The costliest common claims – Dislocations were the costliest of the most common injuries. They come in at almost three times the average cost per claim. Slips, trips and falls were among the most common causes of injuries and cost 35% more than the average claim, closely followed by motor vehicle accidents (33%).
  • Workdays missed due to injury – On average, the injuries analysed resulted in 71 missed workdays due to workplace accidents.

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