Fire Warden - Course Details

Course intro:

This Fire Warden training course is a 1 Day public programme, designed to provide attendees with the knowledge and skills needed to deal with fire on an emergency basis. It emphasises the dangers of fire, the importance of prevention, and the necessity of urgent action when fire breaks out along with the responsibilities required of the Fire Warden.


Course content

  • Introduction & Course Objectives
  • Identify fire hazards in the workplace
  • Evacuation procedures and drills
  • Theory of fire and fire extinction
  • Chemistry of fire
  • Practical demonstrations of fire hazards
  • Spread of fire
  • Smoke behaviour
  • Classification of fires
  • Fire prevention evacuation procedures
  • How to make evacuation realistic
  • Duties of a Fire Warden
  • End of course discussion and review
  • Questions
  • Conclude & Evaluations



Intended audience

This Fire Warden training programme may be beneficial to all personnel directly involved in health & safety, as well as other personnel who will eventually participate in such efforts or who have been appointed fire wardens and fire marshals.


Entry requirements

Minimum age- 18 years old

Minimum English requirements: Leaners must be able to understand and convey the concepts contained in the programme content.