ISO 45001:2018 2 Day standard review and Audit - Course Details

Course intro:

ISO 45001:2018—Environment Management Systems this standard promotes the adoption of a process-based approach to managing a Health and Safety Management System.


The ISO standards require organisations to determine the effectiveness of their Health and Safety management systems on an annual basis through external audits, followed by an ISO Certified Body led re-certification audit every 3 years, to ensure compliance to ISO 45001 requirements. The annual external audit is hugely important to organisations which makes it critical to develop an internal audit team to ensure the organisation is conforming to the requirements of the standard.

Day 1 and 2 (summary)

  • Management Systems & Quality Management Systems – Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle
  • Structure of ISO standards for example ISO 45001
  • Understanding process management and how this standard relates to you
  • Audit objectives – Auditing conformance, effectiveness, and improvement
  • Scheduling of the audit programme on key processes and not areas of the Standard
  • Audit preparation – understanding the organisation and its key processes
  • Conducting the audit
  • Teamwork collecting information Communications.
  • Human behaviour Audit sampling Audit findings
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the Quality System in addition to conformance audits


Checklists, Audit plans, Productive meetings (Opening Meetings)

ISO standards also require organisations to conduct their own Internal audits with independent and competent auditors taking a Process and Risk Based approach. It is therefore essential that Internal Auditors are given the Education, Training, Knowledge, and Skills to conduct these audits effectively.


Intended audience

Those than would like to introduce the ISO 45001:2018 standard and complete internal audits