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As an employer, you must assess, record, and control the fire risks in your workplace. You often have to do this on your own, regardless of your background or expertise.

That’s where a fire risk assessment template comes in handy. You can use it to simplify and speed up the process while ensuring you’re not missing any critical details. ComplyPro, Fire Risk Training course will help you to do this.

Our guide will explain how to use a template and what to include in it. You’ll be able to comply with fire safety legislation and rest easy knowing your staff and property are safe from the disaster of a workplace fire.

What are Your Fire Safety Duties as an Employer?

The Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, places a duty on the employer to do all that is reasonable and practical to risk assess Hazards that their staff work with. Fire is one of those Hazards.

It can vary, but generally, employers and those in control of a property, like building managers, are responsible. The responsible person is ultimately responsible for fire safety in their workplace or non-domestic premises.

If you’re the responsible person, you must:

  • Carry out and review a risk assessment.
  • Share the risk assessment findings with employees.
  • Put in place and maintain fire safety measures, such as fire doors or extinguishers.
  • Plan for a fire emergency, including evacuation procedures.
  • Give staff sufficient fire safety training and information.

Can Anyone Else Complete the Risk Assessment?

The responsible person can delegate specific fire safety tasks, including the fire risk assessment, to other competent individuals.

You must be sure that the person completing any health and safety duty on your behalf is competent, however. The Health and Safety Executive (HSA) defines competence as the sufficient combination of skills, training, and experience to do the job safely.

No universally recognised qualification makes someone competent. As a responsible person, you must determine if the person you’ve delegated to is up to the task. You must check this.

You can hire fire safety consultants to complete your fire risk assessment if you have the budget. Or you can train one of your employees to do it.

Keeping it in-house can be more affordable and straightforward. Current employees should already have a good awareness of your premises and operations so they can produce a more detailed assessment specific to your business.

Fire Risk Training

What’s the Point of Completing a Fire Risk Assessment?

Risk assessments are not just tick-box exercises. They’re essential fire safety tools that underpin all responsible person’s fire safety duties. They help you:

  • Identify hazards and eliminate or control them to prevent fires.
  • Determine what fire safety measures are needed for your specific workplace.
  • Plan evacuation routes and emergency procedures
  • Develop safe working practices and train your employees in fire safety.

Putting time and effort into a risk assessment makes every other fire safety measure easier to implement and more effective. You’ll also be compliant with crucial fire safety legislation.


Fire Risk Training and Risk Assessing

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