Bus Escort (Transitioning of Children) - Course Details

Course intro:

The course bring awareness to your education team and support staff in order to  be aware of the safety points when assisting a person to and from the school or education centre. The transition from home onto the mode of transport, the journey to the school or centre and going from the mode of transport to the school or centre and then home. This course looks at all the scenarios that escorts come across and identify solutions to keep everybody safe.


Course content

  • Bus Escort incl Taxi, Car, Mini bus transfers
  • Legislation and local policy
  • Role and Responsibilities
  • Transition to the school on transport
  • Transition from school to home
  • Emergency situations
  • Challenging and Responsive Behaviours
  • Parent Requests
  • Health and Safety in transport
  • Evaluations

Intended audience

This education specific bus escort course covers all the scenarios that a bus escort may face in transitioning children to and from school.