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Chemical Handling Awareness - Course Details

Course intro:

This Chemical Handling training course is a 1 Day course, designed to ensure candidates can identify and assess risks associated with the chemicals and use a Safety Data Sheet. The course also covers risk assessments in detail and focuses on all local chemical that you use at your work place.


REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals) is a new European system for regulating chemical safety that affects most businesses, even those who would normally not consider themselves involved with chemicals. It aims to improve the protection of human health and the environment through better identification of the properties of chemical substances, and at the same time, enhance the competitiveness of European industry by fostering innovation.


Course content

  • Introduction & Course Objectives
  • Legislation with respect to the use of Chemicals (HSA and European)
  • Introduction to chemicals
  • Health effects of chemicals
  • Safe Plan of Action around chemical use
  • Fire hazards
  • EC Labelling identification/Classification of hazardous substances
  • Risk Assessment/COSHH
  • Signal Word and interpretation of label and packaging
  • Safety Data Sheets: How to effectively use them?
  • Control measures/Spill Response/Decanting
  • The use of Personal Protective Equipment, including its limitations
  • How to deal with chemical spillages or emergencies
  • Accident Prevention, Reporting
  • REACH Regulations
  • Practical Skills around chemicals
  • Evaluations


Course objectives

Upon course completion, attendees will be able to:


  • Identify various chemicals used in the workplace
  • Understand the possible health effects
  • Understand the meaning of various chemical warning signs/labels
  • Use a material Safety Data Sheet
  • Identify and assess risks associated with the chemicals
  • Put in place the appropriate control measures available
  • Be able to use PPE & understand the limitations of PPE


Intended audience

This Chemical Handling training programme may be beneficial to non-specialist employees who need to be able to recognise, assess and protect themselves from chemical hazards at work.




Entry requirements

Minimum age- 18 years old

Minimum English requirements: Leaners must be able to understand and convey the concepts contained in the programme content.