Lockout Tagout - Course Details

Course intro:

This Lockout Tagout training Course, is a half day programme to build awareness and understanding in Lockout/Tagout procedures. The course depending if on or off site, can included practical de-energizing of machines, utilities and flow paths and other energy sources.


Course content

  • Discuss relevant statutory legislation and its requirements
  • What is COHE? (Control of Hazardous Energy)
  • What is a lockout/tagout¬† (LOTO)
  • Lockout/Tagout Safety and Risk Assessing
  • Lock out Co-Ordinator or managers role
  • Equipment and appropriate Lockout Devices
  • Safety Signage & Tags
  • Group Lockout and Communications
  • Permit to Work and LOTO
  • Inspections and Checks



Intended audience

This course may be beneficial to those persons involved with using and working with stored energy and those who have responsibility in relation to implementing and maintaining Lockout/Tagout procedures


Entry requirements

Minimum age- 18 years old

Minimum English requirements: Leaners must be able to understand and convey the concepts contained in the programme content.