Control of Hazardous Energies (COHE) - Course Details

Course intro:

This Control of Hazardous Energy (COHE) Course will provide an awareness and understanding in Lockout/Tagout procedures and practical implementation and to increase awareness of risk when working with machines.


Course content

  • Discuss relevant statutory legislation and its requirements
  • What is a COHE?
  • Lockout/Tag-out Safety -COHE
  • Equipment and appropriate Lockout Devices
  • Lockbox, hasp, wires, shrouds etc
  • Safety Signage & Tags
  • Isolation
  • De energisation of processes
  • Group COHE/Lockout
  • Permit to Work
  • Inspections



Intended audience

This course may be beneficial to those persons involved with using and working with machinery and those who have responsibility in relation to implementing and maintaining COHE and or Lockout/Tagout procedures