ladder safety (1)

Ladder Safety and Inspection Training (1 Day) - Course Details

Course intro:

This course is designed for those that want to internally inspect all ladders or hop ups that you use at work. Tagging of ladders and hop ups can then be completed.


Course Content: (Can be modified to suit your requirements)

  • Legislation Governing Working at Heights
  • HSA guidance on Ladders and use
  • Selecting Ladders (New standards since 2018)
  • Hazards and Risk Assessment
  • Safe Use of Ladders
  • Breakdown of ladders pre and post inspection
  • Openings / Edge Protection
  • Roof Work / Fragile surfaces
  • Care & Storage of the Ladders.


Who is the course intended for:

This training course is aimed at all who wish to inspect and tag ladders and hop ups in the workplace.