Manual Handling Instructor

QQI (L6)Manual Handling Instructor - Course Details

Course intro:

This Manual Handling Instructor QQI Level 6 training course is designed to provide the learner with the knowledge, skills, and competence to effectively design and deliver manual handling instruction in the workplace.


Course content

  • Introduction & Course Objectives
  • Day 1 – Legal requirements and Manual Handling management
  • Day 2 – Anatomy and back care
  • Day 3 – Ergonomic principles and risk assessment
  • Day 4 – Planning and design of manual handling training programmes & Delivery of manual handling training
  • DAY  5 – Assessments – Written exam & Presentations


Learners must successfully complete a multiple-choice written assessment and demonstrate each of the practical lifts required to be certified in Manual Handling.


Course learning outcomes

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the main components of relevant health and safety legislation
  • Define the main components of the spinal column
  • Explain the main risk factors for back injuries related to manual handling
  • Describe the concepts of ergonomics
  • Explain the manual handling risk assessment process (T.I.L.E.O)
  • To be able to carry out manual handling risk assessments
  • Describe a range of controls to avoid and reduce the risk of injuries
  • Apply the main principles of inanimate manual handling to a range of manual handling tasks
  • Analyse the learner’s performance of manual handling techniques
  • Develop inanimate manual handling training programmes
  • Deliver effective manual handling training programmes
  • Demonstrate understanding of adult learning principles
  • Give effective instruction in practical manual handling techniques

Who is the course intended for:

This Manual Handling Instructor QQI Level 6 training programme is aimed at people who wish to become qualified manual handling instructors.


Entry requirements

There is no prerequisite to be completed prior to entry. However, a learner should be mature enough to comprehend the knowledge, skills and implications associated with Manual Handling and understand the responsibility of being a Manual Handling Instructor.


Refresher entry requirements

It is recommended to Refresh every 5 years.