Chemical Safety Awareness in Warehouse and Shipping areas - Course Details

Course intro:

Our Chemical Safety Awareness course will provide an awareness and understanding of chemical safety to Warehouse and Shipping area staff and all who work in these areas.


Course can be tailored to suit your specific requirements


Course content

  • The definition of a hazardous substance
  • Examples of hazardous substances in shipping and warehouse
  • Routes of entry into the body for hazardous substances
  • Spill response
  • Transport documents/SDS and risk assessments
  • The 2007 Code of Practice for the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Chemical Agents) Regulations 2001 9Incl Amendments) (S.I. No. 619 of 2001)
  • Risk Assessment principles and practice Hazard identification
  • Securing, Loading, Decanting, Storing hazards and risks


Intended audience

Chemical Safety Training is designed for those who have the potential to be exposed to chemicals in warehouse and shipping.


Entry requirements

Minimum age- 18 years old

Minimum English requirements: Leaners must be able to understand and convey the concepts contained in the programme content.