Medication Management Awareness - Course Details

Course intro:

Medication management refers to the safe, clinically effective and economic use of medicines to ensure that people using health and social care services get the maximum benefit from the medicines they need, while at the same time minimising potential harm. Medication safety involves giving the right person the right medication in the right dose at the right time and by the correct route.

In line with the relevant national standards, service providers are expected to have arrangements in place to ensure the safe and effective use of medicines, including assessing, prescribing, dispensing, administering, documenting, reconciling, reviewing and assisting people with their medications.


Course content

  • Introductions, Overview & Objectives
  • Overview of the Services Policy on the Safe Administration of Medication. This will include the services Medication Administration documentation if made available to the tutor in advance of the course.
  • Understanding Medicines,
  • Roles & Responsibilities of staff in relation to Medication Management.
  • Understanding the HIQA 10 Rights of medication administration.
  • Checking and administering Medications using the HIQA 10 Rights.
  • The importance of accurate documentation.
  • Monitoring a person after Medication Administration
  • Consent, refusal and covert administration.
  • The Law and Medicines in Ireland
  • Management of refusal & missed doses of medications.
  • Facilitating self-administration of medications.
  • How to avoid errors
  • How to report and manage medication incidents
  • Guidelines for proper medication storage.
  • Disposal of surplus, unwanted or expired Medications
  • Medication Administration Scenarios
  • Written Assessment Conclude


Who is the course intended for:

All who work within care who work with medication