Responding to Behaviours that Challenge - Course Details

Course intro:

This 3 Hour Course is designed to train staff in remaining safe and simultaneously keeping their clients safe.  This Course is engaging and interactive and will help you to gain new skills and confidence with conflict management.  This training will help you in dealing with challenging or aggressive / physical behaviour within a Healthcare environment


Course content

  • Introduction & Course Objectives
  • How to make good communications part of your work practice?
  • The Role in Communication in Professionally representing the Brand
  • How to cope with anger, fear and stress and the effect it can have on ourselves and others?
  • Challenging behaviour–how to spot the potential danger signs.
  • Identifying what causes people to act out?
  • How to handle the conflict situations? Non-Physical Intervention.
  • Techniques for preventing incidents from escalation
  • Legislation and its impact on dealing with challenging behaviour.
  • Reporting & de-briefing difficult incidents
  • Developing the strategy or action plan for the team and organization to avoid & reduce conflict situations and aggressive behaviour at work.
  • Case Studies.
  • HIQA Guidance Identified.
  • Questions
  • Conclude & Evaluations


Who is the course intended for:

This course is aimed at all Healthcare providers who deal with Challenging behaviour with their clients in their everyday work